Vacuum Magnetic Probe Station (MPS50V)


* MPS is a dedicated equipment which provides magnetic field up to 0.5 Tesla
* MPS is a complete system integrating magnetic field, anti-vibration table and probing system. Since
this is highly dedicated tool, please contact us for more information.
* All standard CV, IV, microwave, and electro-optical probing can be performed
* Testing magneto-transport parameters.
* The main application is magnetic devices or materials.
Vacuum Magnetic Probe Station
*Chamber material : Stainless steel
*Temperature range77K100C
*Vacuum level10-3 torr
*Anti-vibration table with 30mm granite plate
*DC, RF compatible
*Sample sizeup to 20mm 
*Magnetic fieldup to 0.5T
*Four micro-manipulated probe arms (Bellows)
*XYZ travel ±25mm 
*Noise and EMI shielding
*1x venting port, 1x vacuum port
*Reserve gas port
*60mm View Window-1 piece
*CE certificate