Manual Mask Aligner (MA series)

‧High Quality Exposure Optics
‧High Resolution Capability
‧High Precision Alignment Stage
‧Wedge Error Compensation
‧Reasonable Price
‧PLC Control
‧Precise Gap Setting
‧Reliable and Stable


Light Source
* UV lamp light source
* 350 Watt constant power power supply
* Wavelength : 350-450nm
* Intensity : 15-20 mW/cm2 
* Uniform Beam Size:  100mmx100mm 
* Beam Uniformity: ±5% 
* Beam Angle < 2.5 deg
Top Side Microscope System
* Single CCD Camera Alignment System (Dual CCD option)
* Continuous Video Zoom Magnification from 50x to 300x
* LCD color Monitors.
* LED coaxial illumination
* X,Y,Z travel range: 20mm
* X,Y quick movement: 100mm
Alignment Stage
* Wedge Error Compensation (WEC) 
* Including X, Y, θ and Z adjustment
* X, Y, θ micrometer, with totally 10mm travel range, θ rotation range 3 deg
* Accuracy: 2um 
* With Proximity and Vacuum Contact mode 
* Wedge Error Compensation (WEC) 
Operating Interface
* Manual switch/button control .
* Exposure timer setting up to 999.9 sec.
* Switch for easy mask change.
* Emergency stop button.
* Mask Holder
* Vacuum Chuck:
* Vacuum chuck for broken piece (option)
* Quite air compressor (option)
* Vacuum pump (option)
Anti-vibration table (option)