Cryogenic Prober Station (CPS series)


* Ice- and condensation-free probing down to 77K (liquid nitrogen) or 20K (liquid helium)
* Fast cool-down/ warm-up cycles
* Different substrate carriers for wafers up to 4” or single dies
* High flexibility, system is customized to the user's requirements
* Wide range of measurements (I-V, C-V, HF)
* Other test equipment can be implemented (e.g. Infrared sources)
* The main application is
■ IR-Imaging: detectors and focalplane-arrays (IRFPA)
■ RF Devices, e.g. HEMT (high electron mobility transistors)
■ Sub-μ technology, Nanoelectronics
■ Superconductors
■ Elemental Research


1. Anti-vibration Table

2. Adapter – Connect with different instruments

3. Vacuum pump (Turbo, Mechanical)

4. Vacuum gauge

5. Valves

6. Air compressor

7. Others